Governance & Culture

The board of directors at N.E.J. Stevenson Ltd believes that their business should serve a greater purpose than purely supplying goods and services to our clients. We appreciate that none of our wider environmental and social aims can be realised without the primary commercial activity and the profit it generates.

We believe that providing our staff with caring and principled leadership within a clear ethical framework is a vital element in forging successful relationships with clients and suppliers.

We are committed to continual improvement and development of our business and its relationship with the wider society. Processes and policies are subject to internal and external review on at least an annual basis with the aim of improving our commercial performance, environmental impact and social responsibility.

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Privacy Policy

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Statement of Purpose

A design led furniture and architectural interiors company that delivers innovative solutions within a professional, ethical and sustainable framework. To achieve this we have six strategic goals:-

  1. Business development: To identify market sectors and individual customers that share our values and trust us with the opportunity to excel within the definition of our statement of purpose.
  2. Customer satisfaction: to provide our customers with an outstanding experience and excellent level of service.
  3. Preferred Employer: to recruit, retain, develop and motivate the highest calibre people.
  4. Partnerships: to value and develop mutually beneficial relationships with key sub-contractors and customers.
  5. Operational Excellence: to continuously improve our operational standards to meet best practise and exceed our competitor's.
  6. Financial Performance: to optimise our financial performance to enable the achievement of our vision and goals.

Customer Charter

We will respond professionally and promptly to all incoming information, ensuring that appropriate action is taken.

We will provide practical design solutions that enhance the aesthetics and function of our products.

We will provide professionally presented, clear and concise estimates within the agreed timescale.

Project Management
We will efficiently manage all projects and maintain a positive, proactive attitude whilst keeping our clients informed of all activity.

We will manufacture efficiently, effectively and safely, achieving the highest standards of delivery and quality.

We will ensure that we have protected all of our goods appropriately and that all items are delivered on time and in a manner that reflects our company principles.

We will install our furniture in an efficient and helpful manner. It will be completed on time and will not require remedial work.

We will respond quickly and effectively to our customer's legitimate queries and requests.

Company Charter

We will ensure that we have an effective assessment and training programme to maximise the performance capabilities of our staff. Each member of staff will have a personal development plan.

Technical Design
We will provide clearly considered technical solutions that support the processes of manufacture and installation. We will be active in minimising material usage. We will create drawings and cutting lists that are clear and accurate; ensuring that all appropriate information is included.

We will improve our environmental performance by addressing waste and consumption. We will engage with other bodies to develop better practises and aim to have a positive impact on our environment.

We will provide the quality of equipment and facilities necessary to meet our performance criteria.

We will continually develop the buildings and services in order to meet our performance criteria and maintain the company's safe and comfortable working environment.

We will communicate appropriately with our clients and find suitable projects to sustain the company.

We will inform our clients, colleagues and suppliers about what we do and why we do it. We will attract customers who share our vision and enable us to achieve our goals.

We will deal with our suppliers in a professional and ethical manner and ensure prompt payment to agreed terms.

Transforming places, transforming lives