Royal Commissions

Buckingham PalaceBuckingham Palace

2010 - Cloak Stands
The coat rails being used at the State entrance were considered wholly inappropriate we were asked to design suitable pieces to enhance the experience of the visiting dignitaries and heads of state. It was clear that timber was not really suitable so we designed two metal sculptures that would be attractive in their own right and a practical solution.

2009 - Cabinets for Summer Exhibition
Following the commissioning of furniture some fourteen years earlier we were required to produce some additional new cabinetry for this annual event, and we were delighted to be asked to help with it's supply at short notice.

2008 - Lecterns for Ballroom
The existing provision was a bit haphazard, so we were commissioned to design two lecterns that would provide modern functionality yet sit aesthetically within the Ballroom's interior. We created a tapered design in walnut that housed an electrically operated height adjustment feature that could be adjusted from a remote location.

2008 - Bookcase for HRH Prince Phillip
A further bookcase to match the one already installed.

2007 - Bookcase for HRH Prince Phillip
To provide additional library storage we designed a new cabinet in oak to match original pieces within the room.

2006 - Royal Mews Display Cabinet
A large exterior display cabinet for the Royal Mews

2004 - Gilt Room Cabinets - Phase 1 and 2
A large range of oak cabinetry and shelving with integral lighting. Wheeled trolleys with drawers and trays for smaller items and glazed cabinets for candelabra and tall centre pieces.

2003 - Gilt Room Cabinets - Prototype
We were requested to provide a design solution for the ceremonial gilt vault. We submitted various ideas and were commissioned to prepare a prototype for assessment.

2002 - Display cabinets and furniture for the Queen's Gallery
The newly constructed gallery is a wonderful space that necessitated the need for new display cabinetry and visitor furniture. We provided bespoke cabinets for the display of the Fabergé collection, and large cabinets for ceremonial silver and gilt, as well as additional cabinetry and display walls for the side galleries. A more difficult request was to provide satinwood benches for the visitors, difficult because we were required to secure the only shipment of satinwood into the country from Sri Lanka, the first such shipment for four years.

2001 - Box Pews for The Chapel
The private chapel at Buckingham Palace was moved because it was attached to the old gallery. We provided new box pews for the new location near to the Ambassadors entrance.

1998 - Queen's Gallery installation of Michaelangelo
The last exhibition before the demolition of the gallery was a further adaptation of the previous system. Following a tremendously successful exhibition the parts were decommissioned in readiness for the new gallery.

1997 - Queen's Gallery installation
Following the success of the first installation we designed a removable cornice system which allowed the gallery to change its appearance quickly and adapted the baldacchino from Padshahnama to be a English garden gazebo.

1996 - Queen's Gallery installation. Padshahnama
Having concluded two Summer openings we were pleased to become involved with the semi-permanent Queen's Gallery displays. The furniture would eventually be decommissioned and so the emphasis would be on tight budget controls. Everything had to look the part, but be sensibly costed. The exhibition illustrating the fantastic history of the Mughal Emperor, Shah-Jahan, required a rich interior with a feel of the opulent Mughal court. A centre piece of a richly decorated baldacchino, with arcaded walls worked beautifully.

1995 - Display cabinets and desks
Following the great success of the inuagural public opening in 1994, we were invited to manufacture additional items to satisfy the needs of increased numbers, predicted for the 1995 event.

1994 - Cabinets for Summer Opening
For the inaugural public Summer opening of Buckingham Palace, we were commissioned to provide specialist furniture for the retail facility. Housed in a marquee amongst the Palace grounds, the furniture comprised display cabinetry for souvenirs, queue control barriers and customer service units.

Windsor CastleWindsor Castle

2015 - Refurbishment
Doors, panelling and cabinets.

2005 - Kings Closet Pelmet/Kings Drawing Room
Restoration work to two rooms on the public tour.

2004 - Royal Lodge
The Royal Lodge was once the home of Her Majesty the Queen Mother and had now become home to Prince Andrew and his family. The Lodge was extensively remodelled, and then refitted completely with furniture supplied and made by ourselves.

2001 - Oak benches at Adelaide cottage
Two very large curved oak benches for the garden of Adelaide Cottage in Windsor Great Park

2000 - Shelves to Lower Library
A continuation of the cabinetry refurbishment we commenced in 1996 with the relining and restoration of fittings and function.

2000 - Box lobby and doors for Master Gallery
Eight years after producing the furniture for the Master Gallery, it was decided to improve the entrance to the gallery. We undertook the supply of new entrance doors and box lobby to match with the surrounding architectural detailing.

1999 - Print easels
A small but lovely project creating delicate oak easels for the display of books and artwork in the Upper Library.

1996 - Storage desk and shelving
Major refurbishments of the Lower Library archives used to preserve the Royal Collection's drawings and artworks. This included the construction of a massive 3 metre x 5 metre work table with additional storage below.

1995 - China Museum cabinets
This significant project required the provision of display cabinetry for the China Museum. Each oak cabinet had very large plate glass doors and were designed to complement the architecture of the building. We commissioned the manufacture of special brass shelf supports and perspex stands to safeguard the porcelain whilst on display.

1995 - Pugin sideboard
One of the most important projects we have ever undertaken, the sideboard was the only significant treasure destroyed in the 1992 fire. We were commissioned to produce a perfect replica using only limited photographic evidence available. The six metre long cabinet in rosewood and gilt, has been much admired by those who have seen it.

1993 - Central cabinet for the Masters Gallery
An additional cabinet for the gallery designed to be freestanding but easily dismantled for transportation to other locations.

1992 - Gothic screens for the Masters Gallery
This, our first project for the Royal Household presented quite a wonderful experience. Working with people whose aim it was to develop furniture and architectural joinery without compromise. The collaborative design process was a model for all future projects and has contributed towards a very satisfying relationship. The oak screens are still in constant use today.

St James's PalaceSt James's Palace

2015 - Design and Manufacture
Fitted wardrobes and bedroom furniture.

2002 - New Reredos for Chapel Royal St James's Palace
The supply of a new reredos and triptych for the Chapel Royal along with extensive restoration of pews and panelling together with the fire proofing of doors.

Palace of HolyroodhousePalace of Holyroodhouse

2005 - Cabinets for the Queens Gallery
A new gallery was built at Holyrood and we were pleased to be commissioned to produce a range of display cabinets in oak specially designed to be dismantled for transportation and utilisation at other galleries.

1995 - Mary Queen of Scots display furniture
A major project to supply all the display cases for the Mary Queen of Scot's apartments. Comprising of eight major cases including armoured octagonal cases for the Darnley Jewel.

Kensington PalaceKensington Palace

2015 - Cabinetry
A range of fitted cabinetry including panels, radiator cases and sideboards.

2014 – Dressing Room
The design and manufacture of a large dressing room with an oak interior and painted exterior.

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